The New B4B Business Model Serving SME's

As our business continues to grow, we have launched a series of videos from our Founder, Ram, to explain more about the new B4B economy we are pioneering at Market Orders.

Watch the video below where you will learn:

  • Why the B2B model is no longer working
  • How B2B differs from B4B (Business For Business)
  • Why small businesses are better served by the new B4B model MarketOrders is spearheading.

Why B2B is No Longer working

Why does B2B need to change? Business-to-Business (B2B) is a traditional business model that is based on the principle of “make, sell, ship.” It’s a one- way relationship whereby the customer has to buy what the manufacturer produces, rather than produce what the SME wants. A fundamental shift we see in B2B is that prospecting and sales seem to have turned for the worse. Lead conversion rates are lower; sales cycles are longer, and .

Welcome to MarketOrders

Market Orders is a UK based tech start-up. We help to empower businesses to do better business by providing them with the service and products they want and need. Market Orders currently serves retailers and manufacturers in the gold jewellery industry. We are developing a new concept called Business For Business (B4B) which is different from the traditional Business To Business model(B2B) most SMEs find themselves in. What’s the difference between B2B and B4B? In .

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