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2020 – Highlights, MarketOrders White Paper

2020 has definitely been a challenging year.
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the MarketOrders team has managed to keep on moving forward and helped the community.

In a series of articles, we’ll be reflecting on our achievements, events and articles that have marked the year 2020.

The release of our White Paper last August is one of our highlights!

Following two years of research, the research paper explores the use of blockchain technology to bring more transparency and trust within the supply chain in the jewellery industry.

Learn more about our White Paper here.

Our White Paper received amazing feedback from the jewellery and the tech industry. It’s generated over 25 articles in the media, in industry publications such as Professional Jeweller, Retail Jeweller, Blockchain Magazine, UK Tech News, and Coinstituency to name a few.

Download White Paper here

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