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MarketOrders releases White Paper on blockchain tackling the jewellery industry’s inefficiencies

Following two years of research, MarketOrders has published a research paper exploring the use of blockchain technology to bring more transparency and trust to the supply chain in the jewellery industry.

Just as the emergence of the internet gave rise to many new ways of trading, researching, communicating, learning and more, which we could not have foretold, blockchain will be the next development to give rise to a new way of doing business, shopping as a consumer and even living. The scope is just as big, and the time to explore and implement it is now.

The gold and diamond jewellery industry is plagued by issues caused by fragmentation and also suffers greatly from the difficulties of authenticating jewellery and proving provenance. This whitepaper’s aim is to set out why we should look to develop blockchain technology to enable secure online payment and certification and explains how this will significantly enhance trust and transparency within the supply chain, driving further efficiency gains.

MarketOrders is harnessing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionise inefficient legacy supply-chain systems in the B2B jewellery industry. We aim to create a transparent, efficient ecosystem, that benefits all stakeholders in the raw materials and jewellery value chain, from source to end consumer.

In this WP, you’ll discover how MarketOrders tackles the three major problem areas small jewellery retailers are facing today: lack of transparency, high costs and lack of digital innovation. With the implementation of blockchain technology, coupled with industry expertise, there is the innate possibility to streamline processes while increasing and securing trust. This results in higher profit margins and healthy, growing small businesses that quickly and easily meet customers’ needs, providing them with the products they seek, with optimised lead times, and full transparency.

With this White Paper, MarketOrders aims to boost disruption in its industry and highlight its technology development plans.

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