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MarketOrders quoted on product development tips

While making product development, many entrepreneurs get to worry about the product – whether it gets success in the market or not. And certainly, they become perplexed and forget a fact that “Success doesn’t lie in results but lies in the efforts.”

Our COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in iFour Technolab article ‘WAYS TO MAKE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SUCCESSFUL WITH PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS’.

She said: “Break your product development into the smallest units/pieces and then only develop and launch one piece at a time. An iterative approach in this way allows you to stay agile, make quick changes where needed and most importantly, get a version of your product out to real-life customers and help them to co-create the product they want and need by asking for their feedback.

Otherwise, many startups can burn through a lot of capital, spending years developing something that never launches and when it does, is already stale and not what customers want anymore. Technology evolves very quickly as well as customers’ demands and expectations. Breaking down your development and involve your customers in the building process is essential as it keeps you in touch with the market in real-time, making it easier for you to adapt and/or pivot your product.”

Read the article here.