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How MarketOrders is Disrupting a Traditional Market

In today’s video post, our Founder, Ram talks about how Market Orders is disrupting the traditional 22ct gold jewellery market.

In this video you will learn:

  • How the Market Orders platform is providing the connectivity that is missing in the traditional market
  • Why tech connectivity is vital and needed for this industry to thrive
  • How Market Orders is disrupting a traditional industry and how the model can be scaled and expanded to other industries

MarketOrders News

Why Move To A Business 4 Business (B4B) Model Now?

In today’s post, our Founder, Ram talks about how the internet has changed the current marketplace model. In fact, it’s created a whole new world for business owners, especially for SMEs.

In this video you will hear about:

  • How there are no boundaries now
  • What can happen with high high-speed connections
  • The impact of greater global connectivity

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The New B4B Business Model Serving SME’s

As our business continues to grow, we have launched a series of videos from our Founder, Ram, to explain more about the new B4B economy we are pioneering at Market Orders.

Watch the video below where you will learn:

  • Why the B2B model is no longer working
  • How B2B differs from B4B (Business For Business)
  • Why small businesses are better served by the new B4B model MarketOrders is spearheading.

MarketOrders News

MarketOrders New Video Promo Release

We have just released a new updated video helping our customers to better understand what we do at MarketOrders.

Check out our new video below to learn how MarketOrders is helping to empower SMEs