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MarketOrders quoted by Brainyard on supply chain management

Before the coronavirus caused unexpected disruptions earlier last year, many companies either ignored or didn’t realize the vulnerabilities within their supply chains. Addressing these potential problems was an issue for another day. After all, things had run smoothly for this long, so why wouldn’t that continue?

MarketOrders was recently interviewed by Brainyard in an article titled: “How to Find the Right Suppliers… and Manage Your Increasingly Intricate Supply Chain”.

Our COO, Sukhi Jutla, said: “Sometimes businesses can overlook the fact that suppliers have their own IT infrastructure which may not work perfectly with your systems,”

“Ask the supplier for at least three other businesses they work with and independently get a reference from them,” Jutla said. “Find out, how do they deal with things when things go wrong — do they prioritize customer care, do they supply goods on time and to the right quality spec?”

“One of the biggest causes of delays in supply chains is not having access to the right information at the right time,” said Jutla, who is also a blockchain expert. “If all parties use the same ledger, then they can track exactly what is going on and see the activities of other participants in the ecosystem.”

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