Press Coverage in conversation with MarketOrders Founder and CEO, Ram Krishnna Rao

Here is the recent conversation of with our CEO and Founder Dr Ram Krishnna Rao


PetaCrunch: How would you describe MarketOrders in a single tweet?
Ram Krishnna Rao: MarketOrders is an online marketplace helping independent retail jewellers to source products they need faster, cheaper and direct from suppliers using our innovative digital platform. …
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MarketOrders COO opinion about the Luxury Goods sector insulation from online economy revolution quoted by

In this article: “Keeping watch: Piaget CEO Chabi Nouri eyes e-commerce growth” writes about Piaget’s e-commerce revolution.

Our COO Sukhi Jutla gives her opinion on Luxury Goods sector digitisation improvements.
Sukhi says:
“[Brick-and-mortar] retail is undoubtedly in the doldrums as more people shop online and because of growing economic uncertainty,” 
“But the luxury goods sector, and the jewellery market in particular, has largely been insulated from the downturn.” 
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Sukhi Jutla quoted in Global Franchise Magazine

Our COO and Co-Founder Sukhi Jutla has been quoted in this recent article titled “From Libra to Flexa: is it time the franchise world got more on board with cryptocurrency?” written by 
Sukhi says for Global Franchise Magazine:
Although banks and governments have reacted to Libra with scepticism, this project has legs. “Most firms need to see other well-known brands using cryptocurrencies before they take that leap of faith,” 
“In this case, the fact that Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal have confirmed they will be accepting Libra payments is a giant vote of confidence for mainstream adoption.”

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MarketOrders News


Have you ever wondered who is behind MarketOrders’ success?

At MarketOrders, we believe that the team is critical to a company’s success, which is why we’ve decided to highlight our fantastic talents in this series of blog articles. 

Today, you’ll find out more about Gopi Govind, MarketOrders Chief Technology Officer. 

Background & Education

Gopi comes from the south of India and started his career in Bangalore. 

Technical Consultant & Solution Architect in the IT industry, Gopi graduated in Computer Science from Bharathidasan University. 

He is also involved in charities and is on the board of the London Tamil Sangam, one of the oldest Tamil organisations in UK. This registered charity, established since 1960, is a voluntary and community organisation based in Manor Park in the London Borough of Newham.

Press Coverage Quotes MarketOrders COO about the impact of brexit on Pound and Demand for Bitcoin

Gary McFarlane, cryptocurrency expert at UK investment platform Interactive Investor, provides his thoughts on Brexit and bitcoin while canvassing the views of other experts.
In this great article “How Will Brexit Impact the Pound and Demand for Bitcoin?”
Our COO and Co-founder Sukhi Jutla is amongst great experts sharing their thoughts on the subject. Sukhi says: 
“A digital currency still in its infancy, Bitcoin has defied critics to become a well-respected store of value, not dissimilar from commodities such as gold. Historically, in times of uncertainty, many people will rush to the safety of commodities. This is why it is hardly surprising, as Brexit looms, that the price of gold has been inching up daily. Gold is often thought of as a safe haven, and a way to minimise risk. It’s real, liquid, and a store of value. Bitcoin is on a similar trajectory; although there is still a lot of contention between governments about whether Bitcoin can be viewed as a real currency, they have relented and agreed that it can be seen as a store of value.
So, with the value of the pound likely to plummet when we leave the EU, I anticipate the price of Bitcoin will only surge. It is seen as a store of value, which can be traded quickly. Though there is an increasing number of businesses that are now accepting Bitcoin as payment (think Brewdog Beer or digital books from Publica), it is still seen as a stable and reliable medium of exchange.
In the coming months, we will continue to see erratic behaviour across the money markets, most notably the value of the pound. With this in mind, I predict there will be a flurry of activity in the gold and Bitcoin markets, driving both of these assets market prices upwards, and providing a flight to safety in the event of Brexit.”
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More impressive awards for MarketOrders and Sukhi Jutla

Aquisition International has awarded both MarketOrders and its COO Sukhi Jutla respectively as UK & Best Online B2B Platform Development 2019 – UK 2019 as Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.
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MarketOrders News


Acquisition International has awarded both MarketOrders and its COO Sukhi Jutla respectively as UK Best Online B2B Platform Development 2019 – UK Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.


MarketOrders – Sukhi Jutla

Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 – UK & Best Online B2B Platform Development 2019 – UK


Sukhi Jutla is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and author. An experienced technology leader she is pioneering the use of new technologies such as blockchain and was the first author in the world to publish a book using blockchain technology. She is regularly asked for expert opinion in the media and is a regular commentator for many publications about the impact of technology and digital disruption. Sukhi is also an advocate for championing more women into tech careers through her volunteer and ambassadorial work with Women of The Future programme amongst others.

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Press Coverage

Ealing news extra writes: "How training helped Sukhi strike gold" writes about MarketOrders: “A package of free training and mentoring offered by the council has helped small, local companies to grow and flourish – including the ‘Uber of the gold and diamond industry’.”
Sukhi said: “We have built the platform and showed businesses that it can work, and have built trust, and now we are moving to the next stage. The support we received from the council and Branduin is helping us to do that.
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Press Coverage

Sukhi Jutla, MarketOrders CEO, featured in

In this great article “You don’t need to know how to code to be successful in tech” our Co-founder and CEO Sukhi Jutla talks about her journey as a woman in tech and how she re-trained herself to enter the challenging world of technology.

The UK’s tech sector has long suffered from a lack of diversity: only 15 per cent of the workforce are from BAME backgrounds and gender diversity stands at a mere 19 per cent, compared to 49 per cent for all other industries.

Role models and mentors are particularly valuable to the women and people from minority backgrounds who do manage to find a place in technology; an idea that Sukhi Jutla, co-founder and COO of gold, diamond and bullion buying platform MarketOrders, considers extremely important.

Having spent 10 years in banking before moving to jewellery, Jutla – who will moderate a panel discussion at Computing and CRN‘s upcoming Women in Tech Festival – has extensive experience with legacy industries. Like tech, banking as a sector has taken a long time to fully open up to women.

“When I went into my first graduate banking job…there were 20 recruits and there were only two women. So I was one of two women who joined that first graduate batch. Then when I was in banking…if there was a team of eight or 10 people, usually I was the only woman. So I got used to this environment really quickly, and it kind of didn’t faze me; I just expected it. If I did ever join a bank with more than two or three women in my team, I used to think, ‘Oh, my God, there are so many women here’.”

At the time, there were even fewer women in leading corporate positions than there are today. Jutla says that she found the few female CEOs who made it into the FTSE 100 or FTSE 500 “hugely inspirational.” However, she adds, “[T]here isn’t any one in particular [who inspired me], because I also feel that there are a whole bunch of male role models that I also have that I find inspiring. And for me, I don’t know, it doesn’t really bother me much. It isn’t men or women. I tend to look at what they do and the challenges that they’ve overcome, and I think those principles relate more to any human being regardless of gender.”

When people used to call me a technology entrepreneur I used to think they were wrong, because I don’t code, I don’t know any programming.

Today Jutla acts as a mentor herself, taking part in accelerator programmes across London and talking to other female entrepreneurs. She says that one of the questions she often hears is, ‘How can I do what you’ve done? I don’t know anything about technology.’

Jutla, however, doesn’t consider herself a technology entrepreneur – in fact, she is largely self-taught. “I think perhaps the reason why so many women don’t join the tech world…is because there’s a perception that to work in tech, you have to be a coder, or you have to be a programmer,” she says. “And that is something I always thought. So when people used to call me a technology entrepreneur I used to think they were wrong, because I don’t code, I don’t know any programming. But what I realised was that the technology industry has so many different types of roles, and it’s so creative, and that there’s so many different ways of entering this industry.

“So for example, I didn’t know anything about blockchain, so I went and I did an IBM course and I became a certified foundation-level developer. I had to do that on my own time, at my own costs and my own expenses, and I kind of just stumbled across across the course when I was Googling stuff.”

Even if women don’t want to pursue that route, there are other ways into tech besides coding; business analysts, project managers and UX designers are examples of highly valued non-technical roles.

Promoting this idea is the main reason Jutla wanted to be involved with the Women in Tech Festival: “It will encourage women to come to this centre, this epicentre, in a safe environment, and basically learn what they need to learn. By me being there and talking about my experience, I hope I can be a role model – or even if not a role model, I could just inspire someone who thinks, ‘Oh, look, Sukhi came from a completely non-technical background. She’s not a techie herself, but she runs a technology company, so maybe I can do the same as well.'”

Any attempt at changing careers or founding a business inherently carries risk, and Jutla says that while women tend to be very creative and good at problem-solving, they are often more risk-averse than men: another barrier to bringing them into technology.

Jutla confronted her fears when she left banking, when her family insisted she would need to take a huge pay cut. “What they didn’t realise was, we can reinvent ourselves, because times have changed,” she says. “It’s okay to change, and more importantly it’s okay to fail. MarketOrders is my fifth business, which means there were four failures before this.”

When asked about the main message she wants attendees who hear her speak at the Women in Tech Festival to take away, Jutla says: “You can reinvent yourself. Have the courage and confidence to do it – even if it means you stumble a bit, it’s so worth it rather than doing something that you don’t enjoy. The journey is just as important as the end outcome.”

Sukhi Jutla will moderate a panel discussion at the Women in Tech Festival titled ‘Ready, set, start-up!’. Get your ticket today!
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MarketOrders News


Have you ever wondered who is behind MarketOrders’ success?

At MarketOrders, we believe that the team is critical to a company’s success, which is why we’ve decided to highlight our fantastic talents in this series of blog articles. 

Today, you’ll find out more about Krystian Ozog, Chief Customer Care Officer, who’s been part of the team since the very beginning of MarketOrders. 

International background

Krys was born and raised in Poland, where his core education took place. 

In 2005, he moved to the UK and started working in construction while pursuing his passion for martial arts at GMMA Academy.

In 2013, Krys decided to focus on becoming a professional fighter and started working for a few digital startups run by Ram Krishnna, his martial arts coach and now CEO of MarketOrders. He also became Managing Director of non profit organisation called “British Sports Youth Trust” as well as Trustee and Volunteer for a number of other charities and community organisations.

His hard work and determination lead him to being a World Champion as well as an asset and an inspiration for MarketOrders.

His MarketOrders journey

As a Chief Customer Care Officer, Krys takes care of the products’ journey as well as MarketOrders customers. He ensures the quality of the products is top level and that they are being delivered directly to our customers safely, securely and on time.

He said: “I make sure that our customers are happy with both the products and our services. I also learn from them, adapt our services to their needs and always look for new ways to improve MarketOrders offering.”

Krys is a strong believer that new technologies have the power to change lives; he gave us his opinion on blockchain technology: “I am amazed and very excited about blockchain technology. I think it is a ground breaking technology that is already changing the world. It is a perfect fit for many industries, especially gold and diamond jewellery. It makes our revolutionary platform even safer and more secure and transparent.”

Part of the team since the very beginning, Krys has evolved and seen evolving MarketOrders through its startup journey, from a concept to an award winning business: “ 

Being a part of MarketOrders from the beginning has been a lifetime experience.

“I have been taking part in all possible operations at different stages of the development.

We’ve got some amazing professionals joining the team for the last couple of years. I think the team effort, enthusiasm and cooperation during our Crowdfunding campaign has built up the team spirit and is the most memorable event to date.”

An endless ambition

Krys is passionate about people, team work skills, work ethic, and attention to details, which he has built through sports and professional experience. He is also open minded and always looking for ways to improve himself and his work. What makes him feel happy is to jump into the unknown and support all kinds of operations that make him challenge himself and grow.

If he’s already reached to top in his sport career, Krys has ambition for this professional career and charity engagement too! Here is where he sees himself in 5 years: “In 5 years time I see myself help developing MarketOrders branches worldwide and help impacting other industries through the use of our technology. 

I see myself taking our GMMA Academy and non for profit organisation British Sports Youth Trust to another levels, opening our own gyms, training, inspiring and helping multiple people who will also join our quest.”

Co-Founders’ opinion

Sukhi Jutla, Co-Founder & COO: “Krys is a core team member having been with us from the start. He has a great can-do entrepreneurial attitude and always finds a way forward. He is an asset to the team and the company.”

Ram Krishnna, Co-Founder & CEO: “Krys is a very dedicated and passionate MarketOrders team member as well as a the greatest martial artist I ever trained. I have known Krys for over 10 years and he is a very hard working man and always looking to learn new things. He is curious, courageous and committed to deliver excellence.

If there is any other words more powerful to replace what I have said then I would replace it with that words. He is certainly an irreplaceable definite asset for me personally, and MarketOrders.”

Krys’ favourite quote

“It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself to the world by playing your role in the concert.” Jacques Cousteau.

To get in touch with Krys, add him on LinkedIn now.

Get to know the rest of the team! 

Check out Ram, Sukhi, Gopi, Filip, George, Caroline.