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Have you ever wondered who is behind MarketOrders’ success?

At MarketOrders, we believe that the team is critical to a company’s success, which is why we’ve decided to highlight our fantastic talents in this series of blog articles. 

Today, you’ll find out more about Gopi Govind, MarketOrders Chief Technology Officer. 

Background & Education

Gopi comes from the south of India and started his career in Bangalore. 

Technical Consultant & Solution Architect in the IT industry, Gopi graduated in Computer Science from Bharathidasan University. 

He is also involved in charities and is on the board of the London Tamil Sangam, one of the oldest Tamil organisations in UK. This registered charity, established since 1960, is a voluntary and community organisation based in Manor Park in the London Borough of Newham.

His MarketOrders journey

Gopi has known Ram Krishnna, MarketOrders CEO, for over a decade and the pair have successfully completed several projects. 

For MarketOrders, Gopi had to learn about blockchain technology and obtained the IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer certification. This new skill has helped him fulfil his role as CTO and build the technology infrastructure of MarketOrders.

Gopi is, without a doubt, a very humble and hard-working person yet also an ambitious one; he said: “I know MarketOrders creates huge impacts for small retailers and we are working towards becoming a billion-dollar company.”

His favourite time with MarketOrders so far has been the crowdfunding campaign: “We overfunded during our crowdfunding campaign; it was an amazing achievement and it was fantastic to see the team work together as one powerful entity.”

Gopi is inspired by people like Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, and Satha Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, but what he is the most motivated about are the projects he works on. He said: “MarketOrders has been and is the highlight of my career. The potential of the company and the people behind it is huge and I’m thrilled to be part of this adventure.”

Co-Founders’ opinion

Sukhi Jutla, Co-Founder & COO: “Gopi has been an integral part of MarketOrders from the start as well as working on previous collaborations and is a key asset to the team and business growth”

Ram Krishnna, Co-Founder & CEO: “I have known Gopi for over 10 years and have learned a lot about him. He is the most gentle, generous and kind human being I have encountered. 

Gopi leads MO technology department and is very committed as well as extremely focused and a great team player. He will always go out of his comfort zone to help other team members. I would say that he is one of the backbones and a valuable MO team member.”

To get in touch with Gopi, add him on LinkedIn now.

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