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Choosing perfect Wedding Ring is not an easy decision.

Choosing perfect Wedding Ring is not an easy decision. Our taste vary and Wedding Bands carry with them deeper, symbolical lifelong value. At our mission is to help you and your customers to get the right products for the right occasions.

22ct Yellow Gold Plain & Rhodium Men’s Rings – Wedding Band / Mixed Design Bundle 01

Our constantly expanding Gold Jewellery platform connects UK based SMEs/Retailers with Manufacturers around the World that are capable of providing all designs that you and your customers could wish for.

MO_B01-5-_SP_01 (49) - 4.2g

MO_B01-5-_SP_01 (47) - 4g

Smooth and traditional, with engraved motives. With touch of Rhodium or addition of various colours CZ Stones. Available in mixed bundles or single product bulk order.

22ct Yellow Gold & Rhodium Wedding Band Ring 01


MO_B01-5-_SP_01 (45) - 2.9g

If there is any particular design that you are looking for, please let us know by contacting our customer service and we will do our best in getting what you need or closest possible option.

MarketOrders News

Baby Girl Adjustable Gold Bangles with CZ Stones

Today we would like to share with you our great range of beautiful Gold & CZ Stones adjustable bangles dedicated to Girls.

22ct Yellow Gold & CZ Stone Baby Girl Bangles (Adjustable) - Mixed Design Bundle 01

As all products available on our B4B platform. Baby Girl Bangles can be purchased in mixed bundles and as single bulk order that fits your retail needs.

22ct Yellow Gold & CZ Stones Baby Girl Bangle (Adjustable) 05

Various floral, heart, and other shapes are available.

22ct Yellow Gold & CZ Stones Baby Girl Bangle (Adjustable) 03