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MarketOrders COO quoted in American Express article on 2020 business trends

Our Co-Founder & COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in American Express article ‘6 Business Trends to Watch Out for in 2020’.
The journalist, Julie Bawden-Davis, wrote:
This year it’s likely that more companies will use the data derived from machine learning and AI to create more personalized services for their consumers, adds Sukhi Jutla, chief operating officer of MarketOrders, a business-to-business platform for the independent retail jewelry industry. (Jutla is also the author of three books, including The FinTech Book.)
“Businesses will put more effort into analyzing data and turning it into meaningful insights that can provide better services and products,” says Jutla. “Along with this, we’ll see a rise in demand for data scientists.”
You can read the full article here.