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MarketOrders COO quoted by E-Crypto News about China embracing blockchain technology

Our COO & Co-Founder, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in E-Crypto News article “Now That China Has Embraced Blockchain Technology What Can We Do About It? (Exclusive)”.
She said: “It was always going to be the case that China would be powering ahead with blockchain implementation as they are typically fast to adopt new innovations and have resources in terms of talent and skilled technical resources to make large leaps of innovation. But more than that, they have the right mindset. They know that in order to secure a market it’s always beneficial to have first-mover advantage. Whilst other countries such as the UK and USA do have blockchain-related activities and initiatives, they are far slower and risk-averse to implementing changes that could fundamentally cause a lot of disruption. China’s policies in place foster creativity and new innovations and we may now see other countries racing to launch their blockchain projects in an effort to catch up with China but it may already be too late.”
You can read the full article here.