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MarketOrders Co-Founder portrayed by German publication IT Finanzmagazin

Our Co-Founder & COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently portrayed in IT Finanzmagazin article titled “If banks want to survive, you have to create an experience”.
You can read the original article in German here.
Otherwise, here is a translation of the interview:
At the FinTech Inn conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, Sukhi Jutla spoke about how to motivate women to enter the blockchain and FinTech world. The co-founder of MarketOrders, an award-winning platform for the jewellery industry, has written the first bestseller on the topic of blockchain.
Ms. Jutla, you held a keynote at the FinTech Inn conference in Vilnius, which was intended to motivate women in particular to enter the world of blockchain and technology. What is your impression of the Lithuanian FinTech scene?
was very impressed with the way Lithuania welcomed the FinTech scene and made important contributions and advances in this area. It is clear that Lithuania is a breeding ground for tech talents, equipped with curiosity and creativity that have helped to position itself as one of the world’s leading providers of FinTech.
So I was not surprised to hear on the second day of the conference that Vinted, a Lithuanian FinTech, had achieved unicorn status (over a billion dollars valuation). What an incredible achievement! And proof that Lithuania is at the forefront of FinTech innovations.
What is cool about FinTech, what do you like most?
I like how FinTech puts the customer at the center of the business model and omits disruptions and unnecessary middlemen that remove value from the supply chain and incur costs.
FinTech is about empowering individual users to be closer to their financial affairs and to manage them so that they are always at the center of the decision-making process.
You wrote a book on blockchain (“Authors and The Blockchain”). Why? Because nobody really understands the topic?
I wrote this book primarily because I wanted to learn this innovative technology but couldn’t find any books on the subject. So I thought it would be good to write one to learn it while guiding those interested in the field.
Do you think there will be bank branches in the near future? Or just smartphone apps and ATMs?
I see a world in which we will do all our financial things with the use of our phones. And the number of bank branches will continue to decrease, unless the banks can really make banking a real customer experience. But I doubt it.
If they want to survive, banks should use their branches to create a unique banking experience that encourages customers to come to the branches.
Sukhi Jutla is co-founder of MarketOrders ( website ), an award-winning, blockchain-based platform for the gold and diamond jewelry industry. The entrepreneur and author is a sought-after international speaker, thought leader and qualified IBM blockchain developer. She has received numerous awards, including Asian Women of Achievement and Female Entrepreneur of the Year. She was voted one of the Top 100 European Digital Pioneers by the Financial Times and Google. Jutla is the first author worldwide to write a bestseller about blockchain (“Authors and The Blockchain”).She also wrote “The Fintech Book” and “Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate Create A Life You Love”. In 2019 Sukhi was appointed to the Board of Directors of the London Mayor’s “Digital Skills Partnership”.Within one year her company “MarketOrders” was nominated for more than 26 awards.