22ct Yellow Gold Earrings – Jhumka Style With CZ Stones

22ct Yellow Gold Earrings - Jhumka Style with CZ Stones Bundle 01
Did you like our Gold Stud Earrings with CZ Stones presented last week? If you did you might also like our Hanging Jhumka Style positions. Various shapes, sizes and CZ Stone colours makes all of them interesting. As always we are open to hear your opinions and suggestions. Let us know if you are interested in some similar types of earrings that currently do not appear on our platform. We will be happy to .

Beautiful Gold Stud Earrings with CZ Stones

22ct Yellow Gold Stud Earrings With CZ Stones 01
Few weeks ago in one of our blog posts we have presented simple but elegant and timeless, great choice of some “Plain Gold Stud Earrings” available on our revolutionary B4B platform. This week we would like share with you some of our colourful positions that you can find under “Stud Earrings – CZ Stone” category. As all of our products, Gold Stud Earrings with CZ Stones are also available in bulk orders and Mixed .

Indian Style 22 carat Yellow Gold Peacock Bangles with Cubic Zircon Stones

Ladies Clasp Bangle - Peacock Design 22ct Yellow Gold with CZ Stones 02
At we are connecting retailers and manufacturers of wide range gold jewellery style interest. Amongst which we are proud to offer best quality Indian Style products at the lowest price.   Great example of  our Indian Style products are these beautiful Peacock Clasp Bangles decorated with colourful CZ stones.  To find more beautiful choices go straight to Peacock Bangles subcategory in Single Bangles. Let us know if you are looking for any particular .

Men’s Gold Bracelets

Men’s Bracelet 22ct Yellow Gold 12
Last week we have presented beautiful choices of Ladies Chain Bracelets. This week we would like to share some positions dedicated to Men. Our Men’s Bracelets category does already include few of most popular designs like: Cowboy, Cowboy TKC, Rolex, Sachin, Casting style… All of the Men’s Bracelets are available in various sizes, with different locks and as a chain only or with addition of plate for your customers personalised engravings. Our range of .

Ladies Chain Bracelets made of 22 carat Yellow Gold

Ladies Bracelet 22ct Yellow Gold 08
This week we are happy to present some beautiful choices of Ladies Gold Bracelets available At Various shapes/designs are already available and many more to come. We are always happy to hear new requests and suggestions from our customers to let us know if you are looking for something in particular please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.   To find more of propositions already existing on our cart simply go .

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