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MarketOrders quoted on supply chain management during a pandemic

Before the coronavirus began to surge in the U.S., it was already having a significant adverse effect on global businesses, with 94% of Fortune 1000 companies seeing COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions before March.

MarketOrders was recently interviewed by The Balance, Small Business, on supply chain management during a pandemic. The article reads:

In a separate email interview, Sukhi Jutla, co-founder & COO of jewelry-focused B2B platform MarketOrders, said that the pandemic also exposed many weaknesses across supply chains, particularly in regards to managing the delivery of products and logistics, and businesses not being used to such fast turnarounds and increased volumes. “Online systems were not fully end-to-end and we saw websites crashing when closed retail outlets forced online traffic,” she said. “Current systems didn’t plan for adapting to online and digital ways of working.”

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