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Sukhi Jutla's article "Why the jewellery sector is in major need of disruption" for

Sukhi Jutla, COO and co-founder, Marketorders writes about 

“How blockchain and modern technology has helped to change the way the sector is functioning.”

“Every aspect of our lives is now heavily saturated with technology. We have startups, like Deliveroo and JustEat, delivering your takeout food, technology to collect your laundry such as LaundryHeap, and a plethora of companies, such as Uber, to take you to your destination with a few clicks of a button. Yet, until now, there was one significant industry that still hadn’t embraced technological disruption: the gold and diamond jewellery industry. Let’s call this JewelTech; the $175 billion-dollar industry, which is set to grow exponentially.”

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