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MarketOrders quoted by We Live To Build on investment

Finding the right investors for your startup isn’t easy. At MarketOrders, we’re lucky enough to have got 191 of them through our successful crowdfunding.

However, before considering crowdfunding, MarketOrders co-founders looked at traditional ways of raising funds and came across some not so well-mannered individuals. In We Live To Build article ‘Entrepreneurs share their investor horror stories’, our COO & co-founder Sukhi shared her anecdote:

“When a potential investor started to become rude and patronising towards me I knew they would be a bad fit.
Their actions did not align with my values and their focus was more on how much money they would get for “advising or investing“ in us rather than focusing on building a great business.
They didn’t share my vision for the business and took a short term approach rather than long term view on what we could build together.
We had to turn them down, which was quite hard as at that time we really needed funds to move forward with the business.
We instead decided to go for a crowdfunding campaign and I’ll never regret it as we raised even more funds than we planned to.”

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