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MarketOrders Head of PR & Coms quoted in People Looker article on crypto scams

Our Head of PR & Communications, Caroline Hoffmann, was recently quoted in People Looker article ‘Cryptocurrency Scams Even Savvy Investors Can Fall For’.
The article explains what is a cryptocurrency and how you can avoid being scammed.
The journalist wrote:
“A cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It was created to transact on the blockchain, a technology enabling highly secured and fast peer-to-peer online payments using digital contracts,” said Caroline Hoffmann, the head of public relations and communications at MarketOrders in London.
“There are different types of cryptocurrency, which are either called a coin, if it operates on its own blockchain, like bitcoin or ethereum, or a token, if it operates on an existing blockchain,” Hoffmann continued. “Cryptocurrencies are stored in a digital wallet and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies such as dollars, euros or pounds.”
Investors can purchase crypto by buying them directly on an exchange, by participating in a public offering similar to the stock market or by “mining” them, Hoffmann said. Investors who “mine” earn cryptocurrency by validating other cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain.
Here’s how digital currency pros recommend proceeding when considering a crypto investment opportunity:

  1. Before you invest, take the time to understand how the technology works.“Knowledge is power,” Hoffmann stresses. “The first thing I would do before investing in cryptocurrency is take time to understand the basics of the technology, the ecosystem and the industry.”

The article is full of insights and advice on cryptocurrency investment; check it out now!