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MarketOrders Head of PR & Coms quoted about remote working

Our Head of PR & Communications, Caroline Hoffmann, was recently quoted in Zima Media article “How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When Working Remotely”.
She said: “We are humans, not robots. Some days, we smash it, some days, we’re not in the mood or need to rest, change our mind. Working remotely allows you to do so. I always try to work around 35 hours a week and don’t stick to the 9 to 5 schedule. If I need a break on Wednesday, I take it, and finish my work during the weekend or an evening.
Read the full article here.
At MarketOrders, we believe that it is crucial to a company’s success to build a strong and inspired team.
Which is why no matter where they live, we select talents for their awesomeness but above all, for their spirit.
We think that everybody can learn new skills and what matters the most is your personality, work ethic, and motivation.
Our team is international and we’ll keep this way! It enables us to learn new ways of working, new cultures, technologies and nourishes our creativity and souls.