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MarketOrders gets featured in Ramesh Dontha’s new book

MarketOrders is honoured to have its startup journey featured in Ramesh Dontha‘s new book, ‘The 60 Minute Tech Startup’.

He said: “When I read stories of companies like Uber, Facebook, Airbnb getting started in a dorm room or someone’s garage, it seemed like fantasy and unreal. But when I talked to dozens of entrepreneurs for my second book ‘The 60 Minute Tech Startup’, it is all so real as many of them have done just that.

All of these people have inspiring stories. Some like Gundi had successful careers before starting their own ventures. Others like Vartika still working their way up. Someone like Kunal has built a powerhouse like Analytics Vidhya from scratch. Sukhi works on cutting edge technologies like blockchain. 

So proud and honoured to have interviewed them for my book.”

You can buy the book on Amazon here.