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MarketOrders featured in Tech Round article about 2022 trends

While looking ahead in 2022, Tech Round has collected industry expert predictions on what tech trends will shape the year.

Our COO & Co-Founder, Sukhi Jutla, spotted two trends:

1) METAVERSE: “There will be more tech development in the ‘Metaverse’ and making this is a reality for consumers. We will start to see what this actually looks like and will probably be where the biggest leaps in innovation will happen thanks to big names like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google announcing their own plans on how they intend to develop the Metaverse.”

2) ELECTRIC VEHICLES: “There will be a continued push for technology that supports sustainability and the ‘green revolution. We will see more uptake of electric cars by consumers and more companies jumping into this space to create real competition for Tesla that is currently dominating the EV (electric vehicle) space.”

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