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MarketOrders COO quoted by E-Crypto News about Crypto & Big Banks

Our Co-Founder & COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in E-Crypto News article “Will Cryptocurrencies And Big Banking Ever Make Peace? Experts Give Their Opinion”.
She said: “Big banks no doubt feel nervous to be upstaged by new smaller innovative startups disrupting their markets. It’s becoming more apparent that Big Banks are not doing enough to innovate or give their customers what they want. Customers are now demanding more options and cheaper ways to transact financial payments.
Big Banks are at a disadvantage as they are slower to respond to change and also, they are reluctant to change if they are already making money (even if this is at the cost of losing customers in the long term).
So, how to resolve this? Big Banks should understand that their key strength is in the assets and resources they own; they should be working and partnering with smaller innovative companies and learning from them.
By working together, Big Banks can leverage these new innovations and the startups can benefit from access to networks and resources the Big Banks have. The question remains, do Big Banks want to share or do they want to swallow up competitors whole?”
Read the full article here.