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MarketOrders co-founder Sukhi Jutla named as one of the 100 most dynamic leaders of 2021!

“The central idea behind dynamic leadership is adaptability. Adaptability to situations as well as customers. These leaders promote a sense of inclusivity and flexibility, one which inspires and fosters trust and camaraderie with their employees or colleagues, thereby resulting in better productivity. Dynamic leaders work in tandem with people to create an operation process for the business. These individuals lead from the front, coach from the side, and elevate, not delegate!” is how Exeleon introduces dynamic leaders.

In the latest issue of the Exeleon magazine, Sukhi Jutla, co-founder & COO at MarketOrders, was featured as one of the top 100 most dynamic leaders of 2021!

Click here to read her interview with the magazine and click here to access the print article.