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MarketOrders Co-Founder quoted in 2 E-Crypto News articles about Bitcoin

Our Co-Founder & COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in E-Crypto News articles “Now That Bitcoin Is Below $10,000 What Do We Do About It? Industry Leaders Share Their Opinion (Exclusive!)” and “Cryptocurrency Crystal Ball: Predictions For The Next Decade (Exclusive!)”
She said: “Though the price of Bitcoin has fallen of late this could be due to lower investor confidence fueled by the ongoing issues with Libra and the slow progress of Baakt. However, I predict this is short term and that the price will steadily increase again as we head towards the end of the year”.
And: “The crypto space is approaching the teenage years being just a decade old. In this time, just like a child growing up, it has had to spend time to figure itself out and understand itself and its place in the world.
Crypto is also undergoing this change. It has successfully become a mainstream term in a decade, with more and more people understanding what cryptocurrencies are and more importantly, understanding that they now have a choice as to how to make payments.
Within the next decade, I predict that crypto will move even further into the consciousness of mainstream media and become a more acceptable term. We will see the rise of a new generation of people who will use crypto first and fiat second.
I also predict there will be more outlets and businesses that adopt the use of crypto as valid payment types.
We will also see countries leapfrogging straight into crypto and digital payments via their mobiles rather than using desktop/laptop online banking and we will see this change predominant in nations where there are a large number of people underserved or unbanked by their current financial institutions. This is the key fertile ground for cryptocurrencies and FinTechs to flourish and find their customers.”
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