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MarketOrders Co-Founder quoted by Dignitas Digital on digital transformation

Our Co-Founder & COO, Sukhi Jutla, was recently quoted in Dignitas Digital article ‘What is Digital Transformation, according to experts’ about digital transformation.
She said: “For consumers, the traceability of a product is of paramount importance. And while the jewelry industry has tried to address this concern, it has been very slow to embrace new technology-driven solutions. Indeed, the supply chain for precious stones such as diamonds is among the most complex and fragmented of any industry.
But this entrenched conservatism, with all its inherent inefficiencies, is starting to give way as the industry begins to recognize the potential of blockchain.
In its journey from uncut stone buried under miles of earth and rock to its final resting place in the gleaming window of high-end jewellers, a precious stone will pass through dozens of hands.
It is notoriously hard to ensure a fully digital end to end supply chain is in place to evidence this. This is why in my business,, we are introducing new ways of working by introducing blockchain technology to track and authenticate gold and jewels that pass through the platform.
This is a huge digital transformation and in order to implement it, you need outstanding technology developers as well as the ability to convince your customers to embrace this innovation. The biggest challenge, therefore, is in convincing your stakeholders to jump onboard.
The best way to do this is to demonstrate how this new digital transformation can positively impact and benefit users. Another way to bring on board support is to show them how to use the new technology. In our case, this means helping our customers understand how to create digital wallets, using cryptocurrency to pay for orders and how they can use blockchain to authenticate the products in their stores.”
You can read the full article here.