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MarketOrders interviewed by Techopedia on women in tech

Our COO & Co-Founder, Sukhi Jutla, was recently interviewed by Techopedia on women in technology. The article “Women in Tech Entrepreneurs: Resilient, Intuitive, and Paying it Forward”, tells the story of women navigating their careers in the technology field.
The journalist, Terri Williams, wrote:
Use Failure is a Stepping Stone
Sukhi Jutla is the co-founder and COO at MarketOrders, an award-winning blockchain-based platform for the gold and diamond jewelry industry. MarketOrders, which was founded in 2016, connects retailers and suppliers, allowing them to source products without a middleman.
“We saw a gap in the market for a more efficient way of supplying gold and diamond jewelry on a global basis, and MarketOrders was created to be that solution so we can efficiently match the supply and demand for gold jewelry products in a historically traditional and opaque environment,” Jutla explained.

“Using blockchain technology, our platform makes processes and the supply chain more transparent.”

This isn’t Jutla’s first jewelry-related business. In fact, she says it’s her third attempt. “The first two didn’t work out, but I learned so much along the way that has enabled me to reach this point that I am at now.”
Without having those failed experiences, she says she wouldn’t have learned what she needed to know about the industry to create the right business model. (Read The Future of Women in Tech.)

“MarketOrders was the first online version of the business: it was the phoenix that arose from the ashes of the other businesses, which were more along the model of the traditional wholesalers,” Jutla said.

“MarketOrders is digitized, streamlined and the key for us is that we can buy in bulk and get discount savings — and everyone benefits.”

As a tech entrepreneur, she advises being cognizant of what you’re building and ensuring that it’s what your customers want. “Feedback and iteration are a vital part of building a tech business.”

She points to overcoming the unknown as a main challenge, but says it’s an inherent part of running a business. “The best tools I have found to overcome this is to stay determined to overcome any challenges, to persist to find a solution.”

Regarding women in tech, Jutla, who has also authored three books, says it’s important to showcase the different roles available in the industry.

You can read the full article here.