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MarketOrders CEO quoted in Finance Magnates about wash trading in crypto

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ram Krishnna Rao, recently gave his opinion about wash trading in the cryptocurrency industry, in the Finance Magnates article “Six Months After Bitwise, Wash Trading Lives on in Crypto”.
He said: “It’s a lot easier to wash trade small market cap tokens than large market caps,” he said. “However, with investor sentiment on a decline, these small caps have noticed it’s an illegal and temporary solution and ultimately unless there’s developer growth, the outcome of the project will dwindle and the price will move proportionally to BTC, almost all the time.”
Along with Ram, other experts gave their opinion:

  • Mitesh Shah, Founder & CEO of Omnia Markets
  • Igor Chugunov, CEO and Founder at Credits Blockchain Company
  • Peter Wood, CEO of CoinBurp
  • Nir Dovrat, CEO of Algoz

Read the full article HERE.
Thank you very much, Rachel McIntosh, for this great article.
The article has been relayed in other publications such as Business Telegraph, French publication BlockBlog, and Chinese publication 0xzx.