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MarketOrders CEO quoted about the qualities a good leader should have

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ram Krishnna Rao, was recently quoted in Outback Teambuilding article ‘The Qualities of a Good Leader According to 10 Business Executives’.
He said: “As a leader, it’s your responsibility to inspire your team through both your words and your actions. This makes strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills one of the key qualities of a good leader.
Praise Your People for a Job Well Done
One of the most important ways leaders can communicate with their employees is by recognizing their achievements, whether monumental or minuscule. This is no secret to Ram Krishnna Rao, CEO at MarketOrders.
The-Qualities-of-a-Good-Leader-According-to-10-Business-Executives-Featured-1“The workplace has evolved a lot in the last decade,” explains Rao. “If respect was once sometimes gained by fear, it is now earned by your ability to make your collaborators heard, happy, and accomplished. You don’t become a great leader by putting people down, but by praising everyone’s achievements – no matter how big or small. Some people think that free food and gym subscriptions are what makes employees happy. I believe they’re wrong. What people really want is recognition for their hard work and purpose.”
You can read the full article here.

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