Beautiful Sets For Special Occasions

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Beautiful Sets For Special Occasions

22ct Yellow Gold Necklace & Earring Set 03
Necklaces and Earrings, Bangles or Bracelets, Rings and Brooches. Look into our existing “Sets” or get in touch with our team and discuss of creating your own. All Fancy Necklaces found in our product categories can be paired up with this same style earrings and other components if you wish. For special occasions like weddings, balls etc., your customers might be looking for something like our beautiful Peacock Sets. If there is anything that .

Lightweight and delicate Gold Necklaces

Last week we have presented beautiful, Heavy Gold Necklaces for Everyday’s Wear or Special Occasion. Today we would like to share our range of  Lightweight and delicate 22 carat Yellow Gold Necklaces with S-hooks on Polo chains.   Fancy ball, heart shape. Or simple, flat, heart and floral shapes. Available in bundles as a Flat, Ball or mixed Flat & Ball designs.  

Sorry, you can place order below 250gram only.

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