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Why the high street jeweller is here to stay now and forever

At MarketOrders, we believe the independent retailers are a key component of our high streets. In fact, they represent the majority (65%) of the market but they also bring diversity and vibrancy with direct connections to local economies.

Now more than ever it’s clear to see that we need to champion local businesses and there is a mindset shift towards moving to locally sourced products and services.

Here are 3 ways in which we see physical shops working with online technologies to bring the jewellery industry into the digital age:

  1. Digitisation of the supply chain: At MarketOrders, all aspects of buying, selling, trading and shopping are being digitised. Brick & mortar stores are connecting to the online world and creating unique experiences through our platform. We help small independent retailers connect with designs globally and the people that create the designs. 
  • Using artificial intelligence and data analytics: we’ll enable retailers to predict what customers need, want, and when. This will lead to better stock inventory management and predictive ordering will help save business owners time and money. Convert data into useful and actionable insights to help propel your business forward.
  • Using augmented reality: we’ll help retailers visualise products on the shop shelves and enable their customers to see how they’d look on them. This will reinvigorate the retail industry and finally meet the expectations of consumers. 

We’ll deliver a digitised and unified marketplace that connects the physical world with the online world.

MarketOrders is the digital economy coming full circle to transform small brick and mortar jewellery shops by flipping the model to tie together the online and offline worlds in a whole new way. Both will simultaneously, seamlessly blend.

MarketOrders will be releasing a White Paper exploring the use of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart chip technology within the jewellery industry so stay tuned for more updates!