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MarketOrders team helping charity for homeless people in London

We couldn’t be prouder of our team at MarketOrders, supporting the British Sports Youth Trust by delivering homeless people in London food, warm clothes, and sanitary products.

You can support the charity by donating on the Just Giving page here or join our team in the streets of London on Sundays!

The British Sports Youth Trust aims to promote and protect the wellbeing (physical and mental health) for the public benefit, in particular, but not limited to young people and their families.

They deliver a wide variety of services and activities aiming at promoting and supporting better living for all.
The activities are focused on inclusion and equality and a chance for better living for all to achieve improved equal life chances for all.

Their ambition is to help as many young people and their families from poorer or disadvantaged backgrounds as possible in achieving better living through our services. Find out more on their website here.

The ‘Feed ze streets’ initiative started over a year ago when the charity realised that most people donate during the holidays but are less likely to help during the rest of the year. The charity decided to start a campaign called ‘Keep the Christmas spirit going’, to make sure homeless people would get support throughout the year; this initiative never stopped.

Today, a team of around 15 people gather on Sundays and spread through the capital to deliver what’s needed: a warm meal, a pair of socks, a coffee, a toothbrush…

Watch a short video documentary here!

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