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How is MarketOrders bringing digital innovation to the jewellery industry?

Though multiple experts have predicted the death of brick-and-mortar retail for years, at MarketOrders, we believe the independent small retailers are nowhere close to dying. Instead, they’re getting digitally enabled by MarketOrders.

MarketOrders has been recognised as a digital innovator several times, including by Google & the Financial Times as a “Europe’s 100 Digital Champions” and by the Federation of Small Businesses as “Digital Innovation of the Year Award”.

This has given MarketOrders great validation in disrupting the traditional gold and diamond jewellery Industry. 

The Digital World is already here

As a digital world is emerging at the light of speed (which the pandemic has actually accelerated the need to embrace digital and online processes), retailers are discovering that the most practical and cost-effective ways to manage and increase sales are to leverage the super-computer shoppers.

A mobile basket is the REAL omnichannel, anytime, anywhere.

Less than a decade ago, the rise of smartphones unlocked the mobile revolution, which continues to amaze how shopping is done and has profound implications for high streets retailers. A mobile basket is the REAL omnichannel, anytime, anywhere.

Current retail practices in the gold and diamond industry are no longer fit for purpose in the digital age.

The biggest drivers of this retail’s transformation today are:

  • The emergence of the internet and mobile technology
  • The rise in millennials’ spending power
  • The impact of globalisation and the empowerment of the consumer.

Online & offline convergence

However, as the world becomes increasingly connected, the desire to disconnect from digital devices and reconnect face-to-face is also increasing. Because of these factors, building a bridge between the digital and physical worlds is crucial.

The recent pandemic has shown us that consumers still value in store experiences, benefiting from information, advise and knowledge jewellers share with customers when purchasing jewellery.

MarketOrders platform brings opportunities in threefold:

  • Firstly, it brings digital processes using new technologies, improving stock inventory & management, predictive analytics, and fast payments.
  • Secondly, it puts the power back into the retailer’s hands by aggregating orders, reducing costs, cutting out middlemen, & giving access to designs from all over the world.
  • Finally, it enhances the online and offline customer’s experience by bringing transparency to the supply chain and proving provenance, sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing.

MarketOrders is a revolutionary platform providing independent jewellery retailers with cheaper and better ways to buy gold and diamond jewellery products and services and we believe now more than ever it’s important the jewellery industry embraces the digital age.