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What is a Business-4-Business (B4B) model?

Many people may be familiar with the B2B concept. This is where businesses supply other businesses, such as Alibaba. Or even, think about the local warehouse who supplies to multiple retailers.

But we think this needs to change in the gold jewellery industry.

This is why MarketOrders is pioneering the way forward with a new concept called Business 4 Business.

The B4B model is a two-way relationship between manufacturers and retailers, where supply and demand have been sourced in a real time.

This means retailers can choose exactly the products they want, when they want and how they want them.

The old model (B2B) forces retailers to take whatever the manufacturer has already produced.

There is no personalisation or customisation.

And we at MarketOrders think this needs to change!

Gold jewellery retailers need the flexibility to choose what they want and when they want.

In the video below, Ram our Founder, explains:

  • The benefits of B4B models

  • SME’s owner’s participation in discovering their needs

  • SME’s gaining more control over their businesses and making their own choices,

  • Putting the business owners in the driver seat

Watch the video below to learn more now.