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Behind the scenes of the Bank of England’s gold vaults

Did you know that the Bank of England’s gold vaults hold £194bn worth of gold bars?

If you stacked them all on top of each other, they would be the same height as 46 Eiffel Towers. 

They hardly ever let anyone in to film, but the BBC’s Frank Gardner has been given access to the Bank of England’s gold vault. 

Click here to watch the short documentary.
Filmed and edited by James Wignall and Erica Brown

The gold is sourced from all over the world and here are a few numbers worth noticing:

  • The bank has more than 400,000 bars, roughly worth £200 billion
  • Enough to make a billion wedding rings
  • Or cover the UK in gold leaf 6 times
  • 1 bar is worth around £475,000