About Us

Market Orders are your first choice suppliers of quality gold jewellery products. We work exclusively with SMEs in the gold retail business, helping them to secure high quality products at the lowest possible price.

Most SMEs sometimes do not have the finance or scale to purchase their products at a low price with manufacturers, as they have to place larger orders upfront and pay upfront.

Market Orders provides the solution to this dilemma by aggregating various SMEs orders and placing a single large order with the manufacturer to secure the lowest price possible.

This low price is then passed onto the SME who in turn can pass it on to the end customer- it’s a win- win situation!

Why use Market Orders?

Market Orders is the easy and fast way to order your products from a vast selection of gold jewellery products. Look inside the catalogues of the world’s largest suppliers of gold jewellery products and you will find the biggest selection of gold jewellery products on offer exclusively for you.

Using our advanced platform, SMEs can order their products online, manage orders and view messages from the suppliers, all under one portal. Get live updates and track your orders efficiently.

Unique features


  • Your one-stop communication tool.
  • View messages from the suppliers.
  • Negotiate the details of your order.

Order Confirmation

  • Confirm your orders with confidence.
  • Manage, edit and confirm your orders online.
  • Choose a delivery date that suits your business.


  • Pay for your order with complete confidence.
  • Benefit from speedy delivery of your orders once payment is made.


  • Track your shipping status in real time.
  • Insured shipping for your order means your products will arrive in a swift and safe manner.

Sorry, you can place order below 250gram only.

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