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We are excited to announce that our co-founder and COO, Sukhi Jutla,  has been shortlisted for the prestigious Variety Catherine Awards in the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award!


This award recognises women who have ‘done it their way’ by founding and running their own company and have worked to achieve significant results in their chosen field.


We are super proud of Sukhi who continues to lead the way as an inspirational role model to many female founders and entrepreneurs and we wish her the best of luck!


The judging panel will be made up of the following amazing women:

  • Paula Radcliffe MBE
  • Lucy Choi – Owner, Lucy Choi London
  • Dr Maggie Semple – Owner, Maggie Semple Limited
  • Suzan Antonowicz – Head of International, Beauty, Fashion and Luxury – ESI Media – The Independent and Evening Standard
  • Kanya King MBE – Founder, MOBO Awards
  • Christina Blacklaws – President, Law Society of England and Wales
  • Lisa Francis – CEO, Barclays Private Bank, UK and Ireland
  • Lesley Batchelor OBE – Director General, Institute of Export and International Trade


The winner will be announced on Nov 13th at an awards ceremony. You can get your tickets here:


Good luck Sukhi!


Written by MarketOrders

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On Oct 11 2018, MarketOrders attended a roundtable hosted by Business Cloud to discuss the impact of Brexit on the UK tech scene.


The event hosted in the capital heard from the heads of fast-growing technology businesses, who remain defiantly optimistic in the face of Brexit uncertainty but admit that recruitment will be a challenge.


Our COO, Sukhi Jutla, commented she was optimistic because entrepreneurs are pragmatic and have a ‘can-do’ attitude, they will adapt and survive. This sentiment was echoed by the other entrepreneurs in the room.


Read the article below which captures the key points raised and discussed:


London’s start-ups will find it more difficult to find and retain technology talent after Brexit – but tech leaders remain upbeat in the face of uncertainty.


That was the general view from BusinessCloud’s latest roundtable discussion in the capital, which was held at KPMG’s offices in Canary Wharf and heard from a panel of experts and tech companies.


Ben Corrigan is co-founder and chief revenue officer at shopping tool Pouch, which has a team of 11, with the majority being non-UK nationals.


The entrepreneur insists that he remains optimistic providing that access to talent isn’t limited following the UK’s exit from the European Union.


“If very talented tech people decide not to come to London because they fear that it’s too difficult then we’ll all be fighting over the same talent,” he said.

“We have to make sure we communicate as a city and a country that we are open and tolerant and that we want the best and the brightest and that has to be then followed through with a political solution.”


Felicia Meyerowitz, CEO of Akoni Hub, admits there will be “a big bump” but is confident that the UK’s economy is “strong”.


She says most of the clients she meets aren’t concerned and all have plans in place.


“It’s been fascinating for me watching the play-out of the media and then going out to speaking to clients and asking them questions,” she said.


“Of course they have actual work to do but there’s no reflection on what I’m seeing in the media.”


You can read the rest of the article here:


Written by CEO & Founder, Ram Krishnna Rao


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MarketOrders featured as a success story for Mayor of Londons’ Business Growth Programme


The Successes #GrowinLDN is a new campaign brought to you by the Business Growth Programme. This campaign was launched to showcase the businesses on the programme who are now successfully growing.


We are pleased to announce MarketOrders was featured in this video!


Watch the video here which features the CEO and COO of MarketOrders, Ram Krishnna and Sukhi Jutla




About the Business Growth Programme :


London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme (BGP) offers impartial advice and support to businesses based in London with between three to 250 employees and turnover of less than £40m looking to grow across London.


Launched in July 2017, the programme has gone on to support nearly 400 companies and has already proved an important network for cohort members of the Business Growth Programme to grow their business across London.


These exciting startup companies have already expanded their teams, created jobs, strengthened their management talent and teams and raised finance through investment and funding rounds.


Key benefits of the programme also include helping companies unlock their business potential by providing strategic solutions including mentoring, workshops, business growth advice and opportunities across our London network.


Written by CEO & Founder, Ram Krishnna Rao



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MarketOrders at the London Stock Exchange

As we continue to build our company, we are delighted to share the news that MarketOrders has been selected for the London & Partners Business Growth Program.

And yesterday, our co-founder, Sukhi Jutla, was at the London Stock Exchange for the opening ceremony of the stock markets which was an incredible experience!

You can see Sukhi signing the visitor’s book. This book contains the signatures of every visitor who attends the opening ceremony!

MarketOrders was invited to attend as part of the Business Growth Programme and being there watching the incredible opening ceremony gave us the ambition to make sure we would be back when MarketOrders reaches the IPO stage!

At the opning ceremony of the stock markets at The London Stock Exchange

MarketOrders is the ultimate marketplace for gold jewellery retailers connecting them directly to their manufacturers and suppliers abroad.

MarketOrders News

MarketOrders – Meet the Team

As our business continues to grow, we have launched a series of videos from our Founder Ram to explain more about the new B4B economy we are pioneering at Market Orders.

Watch the video below where you will learn about:

  • The team and expertise behind MarketOrders

  • The in-depth knowledge and domain expertise among the team

  • Why this matters

Watch the video below now

MarketOrders News

What is a Business-4-Business (B4B) model?

Many people may be familiar with the B2B concept. This is where businesses supply other businesses, such as Alibaba. Or even, think about the local warehouse who supplies to multiple retailers.

But we think this needs to change in the gold jewellery industry.

This is why MarketOrders is pioneering the way forward with a new concept called Business 4 Business.

The B4B model is a two-way relationship between manufacturers and retailers, where supply and demand have been sourced in a real time.

This means retailers can choose exactly the products they want, when they want and how they want them.

The old model (B2B) forces retailers to take whatever the manufacturer has already produced.

There is no personalisation or customisation.

And we at MarketOrders think this needs to change!

Gold jewellery retailers need the flexibility to choose what they want and when they want.

In the video below, Ram our Founder, explains:

  • The benefits of B4B models

  • SME’s owner’s participation in discovering their needs

  • SME’s gaining more control over their businesses and making their own choices,

  • Putting the business owners in the driver seat

Watch the video below to learn more now.

MarketOrders News

The Story Behind MarketOrders

As our business continues to grow, we have launched a series of videos from our Founder, Ram, to explain more about the new B4B economy we are pioneering at MarketOrders.


In this video, Ram explains how MarketOrders is:

  • Helping to connect SMEs and Manufacturers more efficiently

  • Fitting individual needs of each SMEs and their customers

  • Solving “STSP problem” (Selection, Timing, Stock inventory, Pricing)

Watch the video below.

MarketOrders News

MarketOrders and the B4B Economy: What is it?

As our business continues to grow, we have launched a series of videos from our Founder, Ram, to explain more about the new B4B economy we are pioneering at Market Orders.

Watch the video below where you will learn:

  • Why the B2B model is no longer working (Business to business)

  • How B2B differs from B4B (Business For Business)

  • Why small businesses are better served by the new B4B model MarketOrders is spearheading.


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How MarketOrders is Helping Retailers: A Case Study

Pav works very hard. “11 am to 8 pm, seven days a week,” 35-year-old retailer and co-owner of Ganesh Jewellers, says from behind the shelf counters in Slough, a 45-minute drive away from Central London.

”In fact”, he explains as he is checking the style and design of a product bought in from a wholesaler, ”it’s really time-consuming to make choices over the counter for products while serving customers. And this is not the only wholesaler I expect to deal with today. No doubt it takes me away from focusing on my customer.”

But Pav needs to go through this manual product selection on a daily basis to meet the expectations of his customers and stay ahead of the competition.

He also says “there are times that I have to stay back late to meet wholesalers out of hours,” smiling tolerantly as there are other customers on the shop floor being served by his uncle (who is the younger brother of Pav’s father).

Pav grew up in Slough, spending a lot of time in the business premises with his parents. “ I spend most of my time after school helping my parents in the shop.”

His family have been running the family-owned jewellers, Ganesh Jewelers, for over 25 years.

“When I first started my business, with my one of my brother-in-law and my wife, the business was very good,” says Mr Jaswant, Pav’s father.

”When we started out, there were very few shops around within a 10-kilometer radius, and customers only cared about owning gold jewellery, with less focus on the design or style,” Mr Jaswant says.

”But in recent years, it is becoming very hard to penetrate the 22-carat jewellery market. It’s because so many competitor shops are growing around us like mushrooms.”

“Within Slough alone, there are at least seven more shops operating within 1000 meters of my shop,” he says.

Customers walk in and walk out looking for better prices, better designs and better styles and are constantly comparing prices from one shop to another shop.

“Today, customers are getting better at making choices and know what they are looking for before they step into the shop. They browse online and know exactly what they want, and this makes it hard for us to compete with most of the jewellery retailers, myself included, don’t have an online presence. I admit, we have been slow to embrace technology,” says Mr Jaswant.

We are noticing that business is slowing down a lot today and we feel the pressure the pressure to keep up. Buts it is not easy. We know we have to change and bring innovation to our business and shop fronts but how do we do that?. We have to engage a market-driven mindset. We need a tool to accelerate this process.”

It’s not easy, and it’s costly. It requires expertise and capital.

Back in mid-2014, sometime around the month of April, Ram walked into my shop and introducing himself to me, said that he specialised in Singapore Jewellery. He said he could provide whatever I want.

”I thought “wow” that would be great. When he pulled out a notepad to take an order of what my shop required, I said to him this order system is not going to work, but I’m willing to give it a try. Ram can be quite persuasive!” says Mr Jaswant with a laugh.

Pav and Ram continually meet up to discuss simplifying this complex industry. How do we bring technology to this old and traditional industry?

“Ram is always on a quest to find a solution. He understands the complexity of an age-old industry problem. He always listens and writes his notes on a piece of paper, capturing the key insights of our conversation.

Most retailers don’t have the option of placing advance orders. Our only way to order is to wait for a wholesaler to drop by. But Ram has revolutionised this system by:

  • taking orders in advance
  • completely customising orders
  • using technology to make the process more efficient for my stock management

Later, Ram used to capture my orders in a spreadsheet as jewellery comes in many shapes, sizes, weight and geographical status”. Pav added.

This new way or ordering helped us to get precisely what we needed most with no time wasted sifting through the products wholesalers try to sell us. We knew what to expect and when the goods were arriving.

I was extremely excited when Ram came up with the idea of creating a platform which can aggregate orders.

I thought it was a fantastic idea if he can execute it. This industry is very complex and this platform,, can bring greater simplicity and convenience for retailers.

Today, helps my business in ways I could not have imagined.

There are over 500 products available online for me to buy right now and I know that Ram and his team are still adding more products which they curate by design, style and geographic location.

MarketOrders enables me to order directly from manufacturers, which I couldn’t have dreamed of before.

With Ram’s help, we plug into the point of sale user interface that we share with customers during the process of choosing the product and design. It makes our life easy.”

“This was the testbed where I could experiment my idea for a global order-aggregation platform that could help retailers- and Ganesh Jewellers has totally embraced our product,” says Ram, founder and CEO of MarketOrders

Our platform connects retailer to manufacturers of 22 carat gold jewellery products giving retailers full control on the order process system.

In today’s hyper-connected world retailers can’t afford to not be part of this connection economy, especially the gold jewellery industry. They need to adapt their retail business and meet customer expectations.

“Virtual SKU’s or stock keeping units give us access to many designs and styles on this platform. This helps us manage Stock inventory more efficiently and helps save on time and cost. And physical stores need this accessibility,” says Pav.

The MarketOrders platform will help all the small retailers globally. We will bring the entire industry together with cross-border availability for discovering products that are most relevant to their customers, personalised to that particular retail shop and allow retail shop owners to anticipate and have full control in the ordering process. A concentrated marketplace will help us digitalise the business process.

”Our mission at MarketOrders is to “Empower businesses to do better business”. Despite the advances in technology, physical retail stores are here to stay as customers want connections, physical interactions and emotions. And that is what Pav and his business continue to do. But they also know that retail shops will have to evolve to stay competitive in this new shifting landscape”, says Ram.

MarketOrders News

How MarketOrders is Disrupting a Traditional Market

In today’s video post, our Founder, Ram talks about how Market Orders is disrupting the traditional 22ct gold jewellery market.

In this video you will learn:

  • How the Market Orders platform is providing the connectivity that is missing in the traditional market
  • Why tech connectivity is vital and needed for this industry to thrive
  • How Market Orders is disrupting a traditional industry and how the model can be scaled and expanded to other industries